The Resource/Materials List

resource/materials list


Canson Mi-Tientes brand pastel paper - 160 gsm in the colour named Felt Grey No. 429 

The size is a 50 x 65 cm sheet that is then cut into 4 equal size pieces. Note: older sheets of this brand and colour may be larger in size at 50 x 70cm.

Glassine or tissue paper to store the finished pastel painting.


Artist Quality Soft pastel (no oil pastel). For this course I am using mostly ArtSpectrum Brand soft pastels. The colour selection is shown below in the set of half sticks. (A set of ArtSpectrum Artists Quality Soft Pastels 12mm x 35mm each stick with 40 Finest quality half sticks in the box.)

Recommended buying is a set of 40 ArtSpectrum brand Artist Quality Soft Pastels half sticks as a base kit. These colours are used in the course.  

Otherwise match these colours to any that you have or to any other brand.


Everything Else:

  • Backing Board 40 x 30 cm to take a quarter size sheet of paper.  Made from any light weight material that is strong and won’t bend, has no dints or scratches in the surface as these will show up on your painting. I suggest gator board cut to size or 3mm MDF cut to size. This board doesn’t need to be padded.
  • A Kneadable Eraser - brand Faber-Castell kneadable eraser grey
  • A small piece of soft cotton cloth
  • A flat bristle brush like a Roymac brand by Micador size 6 ‘777 Flat’ 
  • 2 bulldog clips      A container to put your pastel into
  • One pastel pencil - Stabillo Carb Othello No. 1400/635 (Brown) or similar
  • Piece of Willow Charcoal
  • Craft knife with a sharp blade to cut the paper with

What you need to start is shown here. Note the craft knife, eraser and pastel pencil are left out of this photo.

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